Bag of perlites - 1.5 L

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Perlite is an essential component in potting mixes for indoor plants. It is a volcanic rock that comes in the form of small airy and very light white balls. A natural material, capable of soaking up water to gradually redistribute it to the plant, a bit like micro-reserves. Neutral and inert, it has no influence on the quality of the soil or on its pH. It is also used to improve soil aeration and drainage.


indoor plants

Add a ratio of approximately 1:3 perlite to potting soil to improve drainage and aeration.


Add a ratio of approximately 1:2:2 perlites - coconut shells - soil, in order to recreate the substrate found at the foot of tall trees in the rainforest. The vast majority of Araceae are vines that establish themselves at the base of trees and then climb them.


Also used pure for cuttings in hydroponics.