Rhipsalis 'Campos Portoana'

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A well-stocked tropical cactus! We love it for its long, branching, drooping stems. In addition, pretty little white flowers appear at the end of its stems.

Non-toxic to animals.

  • Family: Cactaceae.
  • Origin: Brazil.
  • Watering:
    • Spring - Summer: Allow 2/3 of the soil to dry out between waterings.
    • Fall - Winter: Let the soil dry out completely between waterings.
  • Ambient humidity: Moderate to high.
  • Type of soil: Dry and draining.
    • Avoid water remaining in the saucer.
  • Brightness: Moderate to high.
    • Orientation: East, West or 1 m from a south window.
  • Growth: Average.
  • Temperature: Medium to hot, a cooler period in winter is necessary for flowering.

Pot diameter: 12 cm (Hanging)

Grown in Quebec.

Like nature, each plant is unique. Natural articles are all different and may contain irregularities.