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This little gem-like succulent is charming and intriguing. On the surface, the small, flattened, fleshy head is actually two modified leaves. Its leaves are first welded, then split to allow the passage of a delicate little flower. The surface of the leaves has attractive mottling in different colors. Several colors are available to match your decor. The hues vary between cool colors like green, blue, purple and gray. There are also warm colors such as brown, red, orange and yellow . During its dormant period, between October and April, we completely stop watering it. The plant will shrivel up and burrow into the ground. Don't worry, this step is essential to its survival! Coming out of its rest, a new lithops appears from the center of the old.

Non-toxic to animals.

  • Family: Aizoaceae.
  • Origin: South Africa.
  • Watering:
    • Allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings.
    • No watering in winter = dormant period.
  • Ambient humidity: Low.
  • Type of soil: Very draining, sandy.
    • Avoid water remaining in the saucer.
  • Brightness: High.
    • Orientation: South.
  • Growth: Slow.
  • Temperature: Hot.
    • Summer: between 18ᵒC and 40ᵒC.
    • In winter, it can tolerate a minimum temperature of 5ᵒC.

Diameter of the pot: 6 cm.

Grown in Quebec.

Like nature, each plant is unique. Natural articles are all different and may contain irregularities.

The decorative pot is not included.

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great communication, friendly service and advice, beautiful plants!

Purchased Lithops and M. Pudica online for local pickup. Pickup options and communication with the seller was easy and convenient. I received great care advice and friendly service. My new plants are already thriving at home. Merci!


Cutest little colony 💕