Eucalyptus Cinera 'Silver Dollar'

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Eucalyptus branches are both simple and sophisticated.

In addition to being decorative, dried eucalyptus has several virtues. You can hang a few branches from your shower pump and let the hot water vapors take effect - nothing better than the smell of eucalyptus to help you relax.

It can be used like this for 3 weeks, then install it in a vase for a beautiful zero-waste decoration.

The 'Silver Dollar' variety has round, bluish leaves with silver highlights and slender yellow stems.

The dried option has been previously dehydrated to ensure its preservation. Our bouquets are ready to be used as decoration. You can immediately install it in a vase or as a wall hanging. Please note that once dried eucalyptus branches are very delicate and should be handled with care. Avoid contact with water.