Chlorophytum Comosum variegata | spider plant

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A staple among near-inkillable plants. Its long, slender leaves variegated with white do very well in a hanging arrangement. At the end of its stems, or stolons, appear tufted buds. Thanks to this grouping of leaves that take root, the spider plant is very easy to propagate. Perfect for sharing!

Non-toxic to animals.

  • Family: Asparagaceae.
  • Origin: South African rainforest.
  • Watering:
    • Allow the soil to dry out halfway between waterings.
  • Ambient humidity: Moderate.
  • Type of soil: Rich and draining.
  • Brightness: Moderate.
    • Orientation: North, East, West or 1 m from a South-facing window.
  • Rapid growth.
  • Mean temperature.
    • Between 7ᵒC and 25ᵒC.

Diameter of the pot: 10 cm.

Grown in Quebec.

Like nature, each plant is unique. Natural articles are all different and may contain irregularities.

The decorative pot is not included.