Aphelandra Squarroza 'Dania' | Aphelandra Zebra

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The Zebra Plant is a beautiful houseplant. We appreciate it for its very dark foliage with white veins. In its natural habitat, it can reach up to 2m in height. Cultivated as a houseplant, it reaches an average of 30 to 40 cm. When it receives optimal growing conditions, a magnificent apical flowering in a golden yellow spike appears towards the end of summer. A bit dramatic, the leaves may droop to let you know she's thirsty. However, we recommend opting for regular watering to avoid this phenomenon. The plant uses unnecessary energy lowering and raising its leaves. This movement can also weaken its stem and cause leaf loss.

Non-toxic to animals.

  • Family: Acanthaceae.
  • Origin: South America
  • Watering:
    • Allow the soil to dry on the surface between waterings.
  • Ambient humidity: High.
    • Spray the foliage regularly
  • Type of potting soil: Rich and well drained.
  • Brightness: Moderate to high.
    • Orientation: East, west or 1 m from a south window.
  • Growth: Average.
  • Temperature: Warm.
    • Between 18ᵒC and 22ᵒC.
    • Never below 15ᵒC.

Pot diameter: 10 cm.

Like nature, each plant is unique. Natural items are all different and may contain irregularities.

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