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Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that has been used for many years for its multiple benefits. Aloe gel is recognized in various fields, as cosmetic, medicinal and edible. This practical and versatile plant is also charming. Its green, fleshy and triangular foliage brings a desert touch to any decor chosen. The Barbadensis variety is the most common and the one used in the food industry, it was recognized by the young shoots speckled with white and its yellow bloom. It requires little watering, but lots of light.

Attention, although Aloe gel is edible, it is strongly suggested to follow certain precautions. The toothed sheet carries a cut hazard and has a thin layer of latex. Gel ingested without cooking may cause indigestion. In animals, it can cause diarrhea and severe vomiting.

  • Family: Aloeaceae
  • Origin: Africa.
  • Watering:
    • Allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings.
  • Ambient humidity: Low.
  • Type of soil: Rich and very draining.
    • Avoid water remaining in the saucer.
  • Brightness: High.
    • Orientation: South or West at the edge of the window.
  • Growth: Slow.
  • Temperature: Hot.
    • Between 18ᵒC and 30ᵒC.

Pot diameter: 6.5 cm, 8 cm and 15 cm.

Grown in Quebec.

Like nature, each plant is unique. Natural articles are all different and may contain irregularities.

The decorative pot is not included.