Alocasia Saryan | elephant ear

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wow! This collector's Alocasia is irresistibly beautiful. Indeed, its large sagittate emerald green leaves with white veins are unique. In addition to being distinguished by the appearance and size of its foliage, the Sarian variety can reach up to 2m in height and bears stems with a ''Tiger'' pattern. The Alocasia prefers bright light and being cramped in its pot. Also, this variety is very greedy in water and fertilizer. In order to promote its growth, it is recommended to keep the soil slightly moist and to add fertilizer regularly.

Attention! Risk of toxicity if swallowed. The sap of Alocasias contain oxalic acid - risk of irritation in contact with skin or eyes.

  • Family: Araceae.
  • Origin: Southeast Asia.
  • Watering:
    • Summer: Keep the soil slightly moist
    • Winter: Allow the soil to dry out halfway between waterings.
  • Ambient humidity: High.
  • Type of soil: Rich and very draining.
  • Brightness: Moderate.
    • Orientation: West, East or 1 m from a south window.
  • Growth: Average.
  • Temperature :
    • Between 18ᵒC and 20ᵒC.

Diameter of the pot: 9 cm (Photo to come) and 15 cm.

Like nature, each plant is unique. Natural articles are all different and may contain irregularities.

The decorative pot is not included.